1962 Volvo Amazon 122S.

September 19, 2011



Tony Piff said...

street peep beat us to it on this one.

not that it's the first or only time.

not sure why they call it a gt... unless they have inside info on the thing?

i've always wanted to do this to a car, but in a full rainbow of panels.

Biltrafik said...

It looks not unlike an old swedish police car in that colour scheme...


Jack Murray said...

Hey Tony,
Judging by the B18 badge on the grill, and reading into the Amazon series, I assumed it was likely a 123GT with an 1800cc motor, featured from 1967-69 in between the B16 and B20 series engines.

-Jack @ thestreetpeep

Anonymous said...

The b18 engine was introduced in 1962 in the Amazon 121,122s and was replaced by the b20 engine in 1969!
The Amazon GT/123GT was in production between 1967-69
Find out more about the Volvo Amazon at the Swedish Volvo Amazon Club:

Swedish Volvo 140-Club:

Swedish Volvo 164-Club:

Swedish Volvo p1800 Club:

Swedish Volvo PV Club:

All pages available in english!
Erik in Sweden

Polly Malby said...

Love seeing this car - Ours had leather interior, a rebuilt engine and steel belted radial tires. We had it painted a royal blue - it was a real beauty!