1965 Mercury Comet 202.

September 15, 2011



Jim Hindman said...

I would really like to own this one. I like the looks of the '65 Comet.

Tony Piff said...

a best-of-2011.

i wouldn't think i'd give a rat's ass about comets, but clicking the tag and seeing all the varied generations is really satisfying, and most of them just survivor-grade daily drivers.

the thing about really wonderful patina--the whole point of the word, i think--is that it's acquired over a long period of time. you can just see how gradually this surface developed, over the course of years and decades.

i wonder if the interior is as intact as the exterior.

what a great size, what an appealing four-door.

...so it rained yesterday for the first time in what seems like months, and here's the first rainy shot from ben in a while. coincidence? nice job dealing with the wet; very well exposed.

Ben Piff said...

Just found this on my hard drive, I don't even remember when I found it last year. But I sure like it a lot more now. A freakin' great year for the Comet.

I distinctly remember how irresponsible it felt to be photographing this thing in the rain, but it was so worth the risk of water damage.

Justin said...

Dude...that patina is sick. Pea green with color matching dog dishes? That's a win in my book. Definitely the best year for the Comet.