1967 Ford Thunderbird.

September 28, 2011



Ben Piff said...

The owner's mom bought this for herself as a college graduation present. She drove it for 10 years, and then parked it for 20 years until giving it to the current owner after his car got crashed into. Just a great story.

We all love the underappreciated daily drivers. But it can be really refreshing to hear about some solid long term appreciation for a car, not taken to excess.

Mikael said...

You American people make nice rear lights.


Anonymous said...

Almost the same car that had Eric Bana's father!
By the way, I strongly recommend his "Love the Beast" film about he and his car, a gorgeus Ford Torino Coupe from the seventies.

Justin said...

Absolutely gorgeous. Shame about the missing trim piece on the rocker panel.

clifton.ra said...

Got a fire engine red - T - bird automobile.
In a minute or less I can be dressed fit to kill.
I work 24 on, 24 off.
When they get too hot, they just give me a call.
I'm the fireman, that's my name.

Well they call me the fireman, that's my name.
Making my rounds all over town, putting out old flames.
Well everybody'd like to have a what I got.
I can cool 'em down when they're smold'ring hot.
I'm the fireman, that's my name.

Anonymous said...

Fun fact for the day the 1967 Ford Thunderbird has the same wheelbase as a midsize Chevy Chevelle of the same year.