1987 Nissan Van XE, "Gold Dust".

September 21, 2011



Ben Piff said...

You wouldn't believe how long I've been hunting for this elusive van, waiting to corner it with my camera in hand.

Numerous times I've seen it parked at my building, only to find that it's left by the time I write a note or grab my camera.

I really love that this crazy classic is getting more use than either of my cars. Props to the owner for keeping the dream of the 80s alive.

Check the commercial. Finally, a van that can keep my bottles of urine chilled or warm!

Anonymous said...

wonderfully geometrical!

erik said...

I never knew these existed! I would definitely opt for the GXE model with the dual sunroofs...

Mike said...

These are so rare because Nissan recalled most of them and destroyed them. They used to have a little engine fire problem. Nissan offered Van owners incentives to purchase new Nissans. Some owners opted not to do this.

Ben Piff said...

As I walked by my building today, I spotted this beauty in the same spot. And the owner walking towards it. I walked by as she opened the door,
"Hey, sweet van."
"Oh thanks, yeah it is."
"It's a "Nissan Van" right?"
"Yeah, 87."
"Did you know the made one with dual sunroofs and a fridge?"
"Yeah this one has a fridge, it works but it takes a lot of gas."

Ended up telling her about the blog, because she really knew what she had (and how rare they were due to fires). She paid around $2500 for the van with 70k miles on it, it still has well under 100k. Shortly after buying it, she was confronted by another person who had been hoping to buy it (off Craigslist).

"Hey YOU got this! This thing is like gold dust, I'm telling you, gold dust." So she said that became the unofficial nickname.

I asked, "This is an auto, right?"
"No actually it's a stick"
"What, no way!"
"Yeah check it out."

Best console and front seat area you've ever seen, a shame I didn't have the camera with me.

"Does it seat 7?"
"Lemme think...yep, 7."

Anonymous said...

I have developed an unnatural lust for mid 80's Japanese vans. This website is fueling my fire. They were just so unique, and had so many interesting options.

Anonymous said...

We bought a new '87 Nissan Van ....looked just like this. Our first mini van, we drove it everywhere. Great inside room, it could hold a 4x8 sheet of plywood. Seat could be arranged in several positions ( room for 7) including a bed when all were laid flat...We traded it in for 94 Nissan Quest van when they offered us $$$$ due to the fire hazard...I haven't seen one on the road for MANY YEARS !

goki said...

I actually just acquired one of these vans!!

Check it out!

Anonymous said...

One of my neighbors in Wyoming had one of these for sale for $600. Ran good, I wish I would have bought it.

Unknown said...

Tell them not to ask such puerile questions and learn some proper interviewing techniques.

Colin said...

My Father disassembled virtually every single one of these in central Connecticut during the early 90's. The main problem was electrical fires but really there was hardly anything working "right" with the Van. He was a certified Nissan tech in the 80s-90s. Kinda depressing the way he described slowly taking apart the poor van, which he simply referred to as "a horrible piece of crap". First draining all the fluids, transfer case, engine, radiator, power steering etc. He said they took off as many parts as possible before they shipped them to the crusher. Personally I'd be fine with an 80's Toyota Townace.

Unknown said...

Ive got one for sale if anyone is interested 707-655-9553 runs and registered

Unknown said...

Ive got one for sale if anyone is interested 707-655-9553 runs and registered