Saturday Bonus: 1979 AMC Concord DL, revisited.

September 17, 2011

As spotted here in the blog's third month of existence.


Tony Piff said...

i so vividly recall the owner's enthusiasm for this car. the thing was reportedly as reliable as a toyota camry.

Anonymous said...

Well it looks much cooler than 99% of all Toyota Camry's that have ever been produced.

Amazing how time and distance transform our (my) perception of these old things.

It could be argued that this thing is *ugly* but really, your photos are hitting on perspectives that really bring it on.

sign me as,

a fan of old parked cars

Mike said...

This is a 1979 model. Only the 78 and 79 models used these taillights. From 1980-83 Concords had long, full-width taillights. The 78 had dual headlights, the quads arrived in 1979

Atika said...

What a handsom side profile. A great late 70s size, and the vinyl roof I mean the gold strip really sets off the scene.

I'm not sure what I'd compare it to from the era, because it looks so tough with just the right amount of glamour.

Glad that opera window ain't any smaller, or stranger.

Atika said...

-Ben (not gonna bother correcting that) Piff

Justin said...

That color combo is freaking awesome. Fits the car perfectly.

Mikael said...

AMC cars were always ugly and this one is no exception. Every single line and curve seem to be somehow out of place.

Did they even have a design department or did they just oursource it to East Germany?

Great photos nevertheless.

Tony Thayer said...

Wheel arches have a RWD celica vibe, and that vinyl roof is in amazing shape. I wonder if it was kept indoors before this owner got their hands on it.

Casey Shain said...

The way it matches the apartment building in the background is awesome. Almost exactly the same two-tone. Period-interesting Concord! It's amazing how much AMC got out of the basic 1970 Hornet tooling!