1969 Citroën DS sedan.

September 9, 2011



Tony Piff said...

this blog has seen its share of DS's, but i'm sad to confess that, i think, every single one has been photographed parked outside a repair shop, or in semi-abandoned non-running condition, and therefore loses car-spotter's points for not really being in its natural habitat.

correct me if i'm wrong, benjie.

this appeared one evening on a side-street in our neighborhood one beautiful summer's evening. we were eating at the sandwich shop in the background, and we lingered for many extra minutes hoping to catch the owner returning, but eventually gave up. haven't seen it since.

which suggests that somebody actually used it for transportation.

anybody seen this car around?

Geoffghanistan said...

Yes, I have seen it. I saw it this morning in my driveway, in fact! It runs very well, but I have not driven it recently due to a suspension sphere being out, and not having the 5 minutes it would take to replace it. I will have it back on the road soon, and possibly in your neighborhood.