1963 Plymouth Valiant 200 Wagon.

September 10, 2011



Anonymous said...

oh my god. The patina is unreal! Love these slant six mopars.

Adam Holter said...

Got a soft spot for Valiants, but, Dang! That thing has been royally beat on!

Justin said...

That is some sick-ass patina and surface rust.
Totally digging it.

adam.giguere said...

The external window roller is a nice touch

Ben Piff said...

The owner said with the 4 on the floor (+ overdrive), this things really flies.

I'm really amazed that this kind of patina could be acquired with the body remaining so intact. I didn't see any cancer or major dents, this baby would clean up easy!

Anonymous said...

I want this car.

There is NO NEED to clean this car up. The surface and patina are extremely rare and precious. I doubt that the owner recognizes the historical and aesthetic value of the car in its current condition.

All I can say is a big WOW.

Ben Piff said...

True dat Anon. I spent 5-10 minutes walking around this thing (note the 3 different parking spots shown.

This is one of the most action packed patina fests I've ever encountered. A woman parked next to it and asked me "Do you find this car interesting?" I said, "Yes, I really do. I can't imagine this car being any more interesting." She chuckled and agreed.

The owner really digs everything about this car, and is fully embracing it. Should have asked how long he's owned it, dang.

Tony Piff said...

i don't understand what i'm looking at, bravo.

the rust starts at the top of the car and goes down?

the rockers look strangely wet, but intact.

if you didn't have documentation of the silver-haired driver, i'd've put money on this being owned by a hipster art student.

tailgate sticker details plz?

ooh, wind deflectors!

and thanks for the drivetrain specs. jeez, i would drive this thing so hard.

Caristas said...

I bet sunshine and salty air are why the rust starts at the top, Tony. Valiant is sure a good name for this car.

Chris M. said...

Holy. Crap. That patina is utterly amazing. I love finding cars like this--just brilliant.