1964 Dodge Polara 500.

September 17, 2011



Anonymous said...


Who knew, back in 1964, how amazingly cool this Dodge design would occur to us as we approach the 50 year mark.

And what a credit to Chrysler that these things are still running.

I know these things bring pretty good money these days, but I find it difficult to think of these big old (wonderful) sleds as anything more than about $600 worth of transportation.

Thanks again, old parked cars, for your sharp eyes and keen sense of automobiliana.

Justin said...

Go die in a fire.

Anyway, this is sweet. Digging the white/primer combo.

Justin said...

My previous comment was directed towards a spammer, by the way.

Mikael said...

Thumbs up for this Dodge and especially for that neat front end.

That door handle belongs to a museum of modern art!

Anonymous said...

That little triangle logo in the window trim above the door handle is called a "fratzog" by Mopar geeks because in the name of Virgil Exner, why the heck not?

G said...

These are nice driving cars. This example, though, is not a Polara 500. It is a Polara that is wearing the hubcaps that were used on the Polara 500. 500s were only 2 door Mopars in 1964.