1973 Lotus Europa Special.

September 3, 2011



Tony Thayer said...

Niiiice survivor!

Justin said...

Black and gold. Totally badass.

Ben Piff said...

I really want to give this the supercar tag. Just so purpose built, even if it is only a 1.6.

Tony Piff said...

that's no supercar, but don't we have an "exotics" tag? i think that'd be fair.

the black-and-gold is perfect, and the tailgate shot really shows the driver-quality paint. apparently, this thing has been reliable enough to have acquired some patina!

amazing curbside find.

Bruce said...

Wow, that's my car! The photographer was kind to it by not getting too close. Really nice shots. Thanks!
And thanks for the comments. Makes me feel like it's good enough to take to the show.