1985 Mazda RX-7.

September 26, 2011



Ben Piff said...

As I'm not able to find any information on a "JRK" edition, I think we've stumbled onto an exciting new phenomenon. Initial emblems, which is way cooler than personalized plates.

Hey JRK, props on the graphics and paint! Now go tell this shop to get it running, thanks.


Mikael said...

Such a clean car and a beautiful color too. I'd love to own one of these - it's actually cooler than a 911!

Maintaining a 26-year-old Wankel-engine might turn out to be rather expensive, tho.

Justin said...

Personalized badging- that's new.

Anonymous said...

Had a new 1980 RX7. Metal bumpers,
rear plate between taillights, not on rear bumper, smaller profile rub strips, integrated front air dam, monocrome white. Baddass car, quirky handling but the rotory was bombproof. Last car I had with an eight grand redline. Timeless styling, nice to see this nice 1985 example.

Kim said...

I had an '85 RX-7. This color too, or very close to it. Found this while looking for paint colors for this model, maybe ocean blue? The wheels looked like this, too. It met a deer one night leaving work, beginning of the end for us. : (