1973 AMC Ambassador Brougham.

September 26, 2011



Ben Piff said...

This spectacular specimen pulled out in front of me recently, and my brain immediately started screaming "Park, park, soon, come on!".

Within a couple blocks it turned right, and traffic was moving slowly enough that I could see the car parking. Yoink! Pulled a quick right turn, then a u-turn and waited right across the street. As the owner walked by, I asked "What year is this? It's awesome."

I then asked him how it runs.

"Well, it runs pretty good, but only because I have a lot of time to work on it!" And he walked away chuckling.

Favorite patina ever, gotta love that it will keep getting better now that the rain is approaching.

Anonymous said...

This is the coolest looking AMC i think i've ever seen

Mikael said...

I was wondering when you guys would come across one of these. But what happened to that rear suspension?

Would be nice to know what kind of a person usually chose an Ambassador over, say, a full size GM or FoMoCo car.

Ben Piff said...

Clicking the Ambassador tag is a wonderful experience, but this one really sets off the group. What do you guys think about this one compared to the 1969 model?

There are very few cars that I think came into maturity in the early to mid 70s, but I feel that this generation of Ambassador did.I still maintain that the 1961 Rambler Ambassador might be the greatest looking car of the early 60s.

Justin said...

Sick patina, badass landyacht. I dig the sagging rear suspension, gives it character.

Anonymous said...

Patina? It's Portland. Looks like lichen to me. Run it thru a car wash and get some of that moss off. Don't confuse cool with lazy, buster needs a bath.

Justin said...

Heck, even if you gave her a thorough washing, she'd definitely have some patina from the lichen/moss.

Anonymous said...

i had one and these things haul ass like no ones business. you best believe your head will be in the headrest and can take a hit and keep on going. the engine is made of cast iron and are very durable.
i am gonna find another one real soon.
i dig and respect these old cars for life.