1982 Datsun Nissan 200SX.

September 12, 2011



ben said...

Power moves, 38mpg!.

This is the type of car that's really hard to explain why you're photographing. Yes, it's the same place we've also seen this Cordoba, this D50, and across the street we've seen this Cutlass Ciera Cruiser and of course the Cordia. Actually, people are always smoking outside this place and I always have to explain why I think I'm interested in the cars, never successfully convincing anybody.

As I crossed the street, I looked back and saw someone intently walking towards me. So I put on the grin and tell him how I dig old Datsuns. The guy didn't look convinced, but he walked back to the bar anyway to give the owner my props. A few minutes later I looked back across the street to see this guy getting into the bartenders car and peeling out of the parking lot as fast as he could. I felt like I made an impact that day.

tony said...

this dasher diesel, too.

yes, you made a difference.

Paladin said...

1982 200sx coupe was my "college car". Had one this very same color - minus the dents and stuff. It got me through college and well into the start of my family afterwards. Once in a great while I'll see the hatchback model around, but this is the first time I've seen a coupe in years.

Brendan said...

We live up in St. Johns and this car flies down our one-block-long, tiny, narrow street almost daily. The people usually piloting said vehicle always have a crazed, manic look in their eyes. I want them to slow the eff down but I think I would be putting myself in grave danger if tried to stop them!

Justin said...

Sounds like they don't give a rat's ass about the car.
Still, I love all the dents and scratches-lotsa personality.

ben said...

Exactly right Brendan! One of my favorite things about visiting the Baha'i Center in St Johns is seeing what shows up around there.

Been roasting any good coffee lately? Let me know if you ever want to go in on some green beans, been buying bigger quantities lately to get the cost down.


Anonymous said...

This is the car that had "Voice Integration"

" Your Lights are On."
" The door is a-jar".
" Fasten your seatbelt please."

Friend of mine growing up had a AUnt of his who bought that exact color combo.200.

Anonymous said...

Mine never said those things, my friend's dad bought a maxima though, and it said those things . I had a 1982 200sx hatch, my favorite car to date. You can't beat rear wheel drive, It's great that it's coming back in style.

Mohd Rahimi said...

dear do still have this car this is my email please let me know if you want to sale it